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Haydn Franklin: Race Report-TSCEC Rd. 2

Race Report – Haydn Franklin
Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit (TSCEC) Round 2
Enduro at Barnwell Mountain – Gilmer, Texas
February 13, 2011

With ice, snow and 15 degree temperatures earlier in the week – Saturday’s sun and 60+ degrees was so nice.  I had decided to do some maintenance on my rear shock late in the week so I had that and my computer to put on the GasGas XC300 Saturday morning. Jennifer and I headed to Gilmer around noon, got signed up, put our cards on the bikes and hung out with the SMS Racing crew before heading in to town to load up on some pasta with Travis and Alice Krist.

GasGas Barnwell Prep

The weather Sunday morning was sunny, a little cool and windy, but warming to the 60’s.  I went with the ScottUSA goggle with a blue lens to cut the glare of the sun through the trees and it worked like a charm.

Barnwell Mountain is known for its elevation changes and rocks – there were no shortage of either and I was looking forward to what was promised to be a very gnarly course!

There were six completely awesome tests for the long course riders, the shortest of which was 5.5 miles and the longest was a brutal 12.5 miler as soon as the short course riders were done for the day.  There was a lot of great, tight, single-track up and down the hills with rocks and roots to keep everyone in check or on the ground – loved it!  The tough hills were even tougher to negotiate with all the “dead bodies” everywhere.

The first test, a 7 miler, was repeated after the main gas and some 300+ bikes had been through it – well at least a mile of it up to the first big hill climb.  That hill ended the day for a lot of the more beginner riders; if not the first time through, then on the second.

I had a very consistent day of riding, felt great and the bike and I were in tune.  Test 5 on the long course was brutal – it was the longest of the day and they split the B riders off and took the A through some hill climbs so bad they even gave you a choice to go the hard way or a little bit easier way so, for some, decisions had to be made. For me, I hit the hard ways and ended up winning that test.

1. Zach Ingram (KTM); 2. Haydn Franklin (GasGas); 3. Cameron Ishmael (KAW); 4. Steve Leivan (KTM) 5. Don Hogan (GasGas)

In the series, I’ve got the GasGas XC300 sitting in 1st Place after two Rounds.

Early morning gym sessions with trainer, Matt Mueller are going well – he is kicking up the strength and cardio and working on my flexibility. Monday will be spent getting the Gasser prepped and ready for Round 3 Concho next weekend and getting the trials bikes ready for Round 1 and 2 of the Texas State Trials Championship this weekend in Austin.

Thank you all for your support!

Haydn Franklin

Sponsors: GasGas, SMS Racing, MSR, Tucker Rocky, Silkolene, Enduro Engineering and Scott USA.

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