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Andrew Short Signs with KTM

From http://www.andrewshort.com:

Andrew, big news today with you signing with KTM for next year. Congrats and can you tell your fans about it?

Yeah, it came together really fast and it’s kind of crazy right now but I’m excited about it, excited to work with Roger DeCoster over there. It seems like KTM is putting in a big effort over here in America and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Obviously being one of the top guys out on the market, you had a few offers out there. What gave the edge to KTM in regards to where you want to ride next year?

There was one other place that I wanted to go really bad but with KTM, their future and the direction they’re going, I thought long and hard about it and went orange. It’s just that they are so successful everywhere else in the world and they want to win now here in America. They work really hard over here in order to be the best and that’s somewhere I want to be. For my future and my family, it was the best move and to be working with Roger DeCoster is something that I think will help me immensely. I’ve been fortunate to have interest from other teams and it comes down to business.

That’s hard for me a bit because I love riding motorcycles and I love hanging out with the people involved. For me, the business side is hard for me because I have all the emotion involved. Business isn’t my best attribute (laughs) and for me, the money is important but I’d rather take less and be where I’m happy and have good bikes. That’s better than pounding your head against the wall somewhere where you’re not happy but you’re getting paid really well. I’m excited for my future and I’ll be learning a lot from some smart people. At this point in my career, I need to step it up to the next level and this gives me the best opportunity.

Andrew on the podium in Colorado at the MXDN. That’s his daughter Emma soaking it all in.

So Roger DeCoster’s signing with KTM has already had a good effect in that he was a big part in your decision making right?

Yeah for sure. And Pit (Beirer) from Europe had a lot to do with it. It seems that Austria (where KTM is based at) is really hungry to win and will be doing anything they can to get to the top. People like that, that are really motivated, successful and driven, those are people that are going to help me pick it up. I’ve been one of the top guys, really consistent and up there for a long time but I need to win now. I need to win a race and then hopefully a championship real soon. So that’s what I’m doing with this signing, I’m lining everything up with that and I can’t wait to make some improvements.

I know that Roger is going to be really busy and I’m pumped to be working with him but also, it’s the people that he’s aligning himself with over here that will be great also. And the guys in Austria that are supporting him, they are all awesome. The company is motivated and involved, everyone’s excited and for me, that’s an ideal situation.

So the question is, 350 or 450?

That’s the cool thing about KTM, they have two great bikes to choose from. I haven’t ridden either one but from me looking at the situation from the outside, I think the 350 will be really good for supercross. I think the lightweight and powerband will work out great.  I know you don’t use all the power of a 450 indoors anyways, so I think that that bike is exciting for supercross. Outdoors I know  (Antonio) Cairoli kills it on the 350 and Max Nagl rides a 450 and makes it work for him so we’ll try both bikes and race whichever one fits my style and helps me go the fastest.

Andrew grabbed two holeshots and ended the day in helping out Team USA to victory.

Everything else going to stay the same for you?

I’m going to be wearing Fly gear next year for sure and I want to stay with all my other sponsors as well. We’re in talks to make it happen and I think it will. I will definitely be in Fly though and I couldn’t be happier about that.  Those guys are awesome, they are great people and I want to continue with them for the rest of my career. I’m big on people, I want to be with good people and stay with them for the rest of my career. We’ll sort it out in the next little while.

It’s a new beginning for you at KTM but you’ve ridden Honda for six years so it’s a little sad to leave those guys right?

Yeah, definitely. I had a good run with those guys and I’m thankful that I had a chance to ride for Team Honda in my career. Everyone there is awesome and they are like family to me and I’ll never forget that. Especially MXDN, that was a great day for me, one of the highlights of my life and I was on a Honda. It was a good way to go out with them. The people that were behind it, it was a good six years. I learned a lot from them and I don’t want to take it for granted at all, everything that they gave me, I feel blessed.

Now it’s exciting for me to have this change, work with good people and I think they can get me to another level. I’m excited for the days to come.


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