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SMS Rider, Cole Kirkpatrick, at the Wyoming National Enduro

SMS National Enduro rider, Cole Kirkpatrick recently competed in round 7 of the National Enduro series. Out in the wide space of Wyoming, Cole put in some of his best test sections of the year. Read all about his race and travel experiences HERE.

SMS Rider, Cole Kirkpatrick, at the Wyoming National Enduro

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2011 KTM Dealer Show

SMS recently make the trek out to Pala Raceway in California to demo the entire line of 2011 KTM motorcycles. On top of riding all the killer new bikes, there a ton of top pros putting in laps. Of course, there’s the notorious underwear race and the always-entertaining 50cc race. All in all, good times and we can’t wait for next year. Check out the video for yourself and ride orange!

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SMS Racing: Dirtbike Action

July 1, 2010 1 comment

Ah, blogging. Probably the best way to keep up with anything and everything important. If riding and racing dirtbikes is your thing, you’ve stumbled across something good. If you do that kind of thing on a KTM, you’ve gotten pretty lucky. If you do that kind of thing on a KTM in Texas, well, it just doesn’t get any better.

This is where you’ll keep up with SMS riders such as national enduro guy, Cole Kirkpatrick; local (for now) hotshot, Caleb Ramsay; and all the other motocross and off-road guys running an SMS sticker. You’ll also be able to know about events and specials before anyone else.

With that said – welcome. We look forward to talking with you soon.

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